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Rubber tree farmers…

This Sunday we left our hotel in Rayon with a taxi to go to Bangkok and the flight back home to Sweden the Bangkok taxi driver got a little lost on very small roads while he was looking for the main road to Bangkok. We drove for about an hour through the Forrest. Beautiful full of rubber trees everywhere. I sat there in the car looking at the small houses we passed, all the small Buddha temples and thought ‘Who will reach these people for Jesus?’.

Of course nearly all of them have satellite TV. I thought maybe they will accidentally turn on a christian TV program, sit down and listen to the sermon, write a letter to the producer, receive a bible, read it and rightly understand and become a Christian rubber farmer.

I sat there and realized the enormous need of missionaries. When God wanted to save the world he send a person, Jesus Christ. Those people in the rubber tree Forrest really need a missionary, or several missionaries. People who live among them, talk, eat and maybe work with them. I thought ‘We need 10,000 missionaries!’

In Ethiopia Joshuacampaign is involved in church planting project in the unreached territories of Ethiopia. The goal is to plant 100 churches the next 5 years by sending out missionaries to those regions.

Jesus said we should pray for laborers to the harvest because the Harvest is plentiful. My prayer this morning is ‘Lord, speak to young people to forsake all and follow You into the missionfield’.




Pastors meeting

The need of new churches are overwhelming all around the world. When in Ethiopia some time ago I met a man who was a churchplanter. He had planted hundreds of churches over the years and was still going.
He have a vision to plant 100 new churches in remote areas in the next coming 5 years. He already had 9 ministers ready to move and start up churches in places with no church today.
I asked how much the whole effort would cost and he answered about 30,000 Usd. What he then said caught my attention ‘I support them for 2 years then they are selfsupporting’, wow I liked that.
So for 1000 Euro we can start a new church, that’s costeffectiveness.
Lets pray and believe God for a movement of church planting all around the world.



I and my son Benjamin had the great privilege to travel to Ethiopia to participate in an evangelistic campaign held by Joshuacampaign.se in the city of Fincha in the end of January this year. It has been a long time dream for me to be a part of such an event since I first read Dr TL Osbourne’s book ‘the secret of soul winning’ and ‘heal the sick’ nearly 30 years ago. And now was the time!

I took along with me my 2nd son Benjamin and both of totally loved it! It was the first time in Africa for both of us but most probably not the last.

We had an awesome time together with a team from both US and Denmark as well as the Ethiopians. The whole impression of Ethiopia was overwhelming in many ways as I guess all first time Africa traveler’s experience. The immense amount of people, their happy faces in the midst of quite grim circumstances they live in made an impression deep within.

For me personally it was a very important trip in many ways. First Per and Abbi are great friends and examples of people not being let down by hardships of life, both from within and without so to say. I really admire the excellent spirit and integrity they both have in their lives. It was really refreshing and I really want to honor two true heroes of faith. Secondly I saw an enormous missionfield, needs without no end. Honestly I have been through a rough time in my life and ministry, left with a deep feeling of not being needed anymore. After 20 years of intense ministry returning back to what is supposed to be home I end up in ‘no mans land’ not knowing who I am and how I am supposed to behave. Being taught and trained not to in anyway promote oneself left in an emotional abyss of a passivized state of mind not having a clue of what to do and behave. Personal initiative being looked upon with suspicion of ‘wanting to build something own’. I had in a way ended up under the tree of self-pity like Elijah and that is not the way forward with Jesus, I know that.

While in Ethiopia I felt and experienced a touch of the Holy Spirit, an encouragement hard to describe, to rise and walk to a place the Lord is leading me to. Get out of self-pity and blame shifting! And I did!

The Lord gave me word for 2014 and that was ‘Comeback year’. I really felt the week in Ethiopia as the beginning of a comeback. Igniting the mission’s fire and the calling to go to the ends of the world! I heard the voice of late Dr Hurston when he looked me in the eyes a few years before he went to be with the Lord and said, ‘Mats-Jan, you can always Go because Jesus said it 2000 years ago, you never have to ask for permission because its already commanded and therefore its always right to Go into all the world to preach the gospel, it just can’t be wrong!’

We are in a great need of missionaries. Books and TV is good but surely not enough! The power of the gospel is in the Incarnation, the Word became flesh, manifested among us. We need a new generation of bold, fearless, strong, anointed missionaries to go into all the World to preach the Gospel, that was the conclusion when I saw all the great need in Africa and I realized my task the next 10-15 years!


Thank you Per and Abbi for your love and hospitality! God bless You!




Sometimes I long for places, people living far away but that are close to my heart. Places associated with passion and love, struggle and tears, peace and joy. I have been blessed by living most of my grown up life outside of my native country. In places with a different mindset and culture. Warm and passionate, spontanous and generous, helpful and loving.

Sometimes my heart is hurting, longing, tears are running down my face. Alone among friends, far away from the places pieces of my heart is planted for ever. It´s not easy days but in those moments I know I am alive, I live because I love, I live because I feel, I live becuase I love and remember people and places I´ve seen and known.

There is nothing on this earth touching us as people do. When eyes are looking into yours full of joy, passion and hope, a hope you been instrumental to give to them. God´s loving, warm salvation revealed through the bible you gave, the sermon you preached, the prayer you prayed. O how wonderful it is to be a messanger of faith, love and hope to those sitting in a dark and hopeless place.

I have friends in places I cannot go because of greedy, suspcious politicians who are afraid of the gospel preaching. Making faith politics afraid of loosing the grip of people they do their utmost to hinder the liberating proclamation of the Good news of Him Who died on a cross for the whole human race, Jesus!

But  one day in this life or the life to come we will meet, my friends and I, and we will dance for joy, sing for joy for ever and ever.


A man…..a crow….a cab!

Today I went out on a photo hunt again, this time with my daughter with me. My only daughter and I have a common interest, pictures, and she’s good!

I found this man today, together with a crow and a passing by taxi cab.

I am still wondering what the man is thinking about, here comes a white man with two cameras and his daughter, smiling, lifting the camera asking for permission , to take a shot, the man smiles shortly then back to a more serious mode, I shoot a few pictures and shows him on the screen, then he is back in his thinking kind of ignoring me and a crow is landing behind him just as a cab is passing by and I get this shot.

I think this is the portrait of this tour!



Just a man…..that God loves!









As usual while I am traveling I try to get some few minutes off to walk around with my camera to catch some faces. I am making a collection called Faces of the World that kind of reflects my life and my passions. When I met Jesus 26 years ago He made me love people, people of all walks of life, people of different cultures and colours, languages, race and religion.

I found this man on a local market today. I managed to catch him in few seconds. I wonder what goes on in his mind, what is he thinking about, how does his family look like, his children. Well I don’t know and will never know but one thing I do know, God loves him



Afghan traveler at Cafe Bamyan…

A few years ago while traveling through Afghanistan we came to a cafe out in the middle of nowhere in central Afghanistan and this man, a traveler was sitting by the wall taking a rest, I caught him on this picture.
I am wondering today where he might be? Has he heard the gospel yet? Or is he still unreached? I couldn’t share Jesus with him because of language barrier and security.
I pray someone has been able to breach that barrier and shared the precious gift of salvation with him.
There are about 1,6 billion people on the planet unreached just like this traveler.
Let’s join our forces and go to teh unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ


Kolla in denna lilla mask!

YouTube – The largest dead snake ever found, over 50 feet..
[youtube_video id=”Uqg3Pg2M9WU”]

Private Mats-Jan

Imorgon måndag rullar det vidare med arbete på kontoret, först ledabön på morgonsamlingen sedan planering och lite research angående Israelresan 2010.

Jag har sedan en vecka slutat som marknadschef på Livets Ord och jobbar nu på missionsavdelningen igen. (man kan säga att jag var utlånad under ett par år) och kommer att i första hand resa och predika främst på våra missionsfält men också på kallelser. Det känns som en stor välsignelse att göra det som jag har djupast i mitt hjärta, predika evangeliet. Jag är numera menige Mats-Jan, redo att dra ut på fronten igen:)

Mitt liv har varit mission i 20 år ganska precis. Det var under andra året på bibelskolan som Herren överraskande la mission på mitt hjärta och sedan dess har det funnits där. Behoven av arbetare på fälten är enorma, det kan vara lätt att ‘luras’ och tro att nu har vi TV och internet så nu löser sig missionsbefallningen av sig själv men så är inte fallet. Urbanisering, gigantiska städer där informationsbullret är bedövande, utbuden av nöjen och underhållning överflödande har gjort det mycket svårare dom senaste åren att bli sedd och hörd via media och missionären på plats kommer igen att bli enormt betydelsefull för att ge en inkarnering av Jesus för dom som aldrig hört om Honom. Visst är alla sätt bra men Jesu uppmaning om att be skördens Herre att Han sänder arbetare till skörden står fortfarande i bibeln. Vi kommer att behöva mer arbetare än någonsin som är beredda att ge upp bekvämlighet och flytta på sig till platser där evangeliet aldrig varit känt förrut.

Det hörs ett makedonskt rop från nationerna ‘kom över och hjälp oss’ och jag säger till Herren ‘Herre, här är jag sänd mig’, vad säger du?