Is God angry with you?

We are placed in time in this world. There is a before and an after, a yesterday and a tomorrow. Things of the past and things of the present. When reading the Old Testament we find God angry with His people when they sinned. Even punishing them in different ways.

But there is a Cross standing there in history. A time divider, a game changer! There is a before and after! We are living after the Cross where Jesus the Son of God took God’s wrath for our sins, failures and shortcomings upon Himself. God’s anger flushed over His soul on the Cross. It was mine and your sin He took, He had no sin of His own, He was without sin. He carried our sin upon that Cross and God’s anger over His sins was Gods anger over our sins, and through a perfect sacrifice God’s anger was pleased, sin had been punished, righteousness established, Salvation won!

God is no longer an angry with man. He loves man (As He always loved of course) Who reveals His Mercy and Grace to us through Jesus Christ. God is happy with you and me. He is happy we received His plan of Salvation by believing in His Son Jesus Christ. Salvation becomes ours through faith in Him and Him alone. There is only Salvation through Jesus Christ, not through the deeds or our own efforts but by the sacrifice of the Lamb of God’s innocent Lamb.

You are forgiven and you are loved by God. He has accepted you because of the Sacrifice of Jesus. Every day and every moment of your life God loves you and His love is eternal for you and me.



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  1. I really like the way is this described, very simple and liberating way. I got inspired. Mats, you should continue the writing