Let the ruins come to life!!

Listening to a what I think a highly prophetic song ‘Glorious ruins‘ by Hillsong. So many people today experience their life have fallen in ruins, broken by own and others sins, injustices and falseness present in this life.
Jesus is still the restorer of our souls, the healer of our memories and the mender of broken hearts. I believe we will see, and are seeing, a move of a highly passionate Saviour flooding the earth with love and mercy healing the wounded and the fallen lying slain by the road of life. Jesus is walking by turning sorrow to joy, desert to a blooming garden.

I can see and hear how God is moving among the young people around the world, tens of thousands are turning their hearts and souls to an ever loving and merciful God, tears of healing flowing causing brokenness in which the enourmous love of God is revealed.
A still small voice speaking into darkness, whispering miracoulous healing words of redemption and salvation.

Come Lord Jesus heal my heart and let me again see Your lovely face and feel your warmth and strength, amen!