Facing the giants….Part 1

In Mark 10 Jesus said to His disciples they by faith could cast mountains into the sea. Mountains of course represents unsolvable situations, when we come to a dead end in life, no way out.

In the OT its like David facing Goliath, or his mighty men facing Goliath’s relatives, also giants. We can find 4 of those beaten by Davids mighty men. They all represents a mountain we can face in life. Those mountains are not found in our circumstances but are inward, emotional and mental conditions causing where the mountain dictates our our response. Here are the four cousins of Goliath (Goliath which can mean ‘to strip’)

1. Ishbi-Benob = Discouragement. He was killed by Abishai, the faithfulness of God. The first giant hitting our lives is most often discouragement. God’s faithfulness will defeat him. God always takes you through to the other side.

2. Saph = The destroyer. Killed by Sibbechai, the supernatural intervention of God. God will always intervene. When the mountain of destruction comes against us God will supernaturally intervene.

Hold on to Jesus, He will see you through


To be continued next blogpost