Included or excluded…

In Matthew 9:9-10 Jesus first calls Matthew and then in verse 10 He sits down at the table and is immediately joined by certain people, of course His disciples but also tax collectors and ‘disreputable’ sinners as the Message bible puts it. And then of course the Pharisees. What a crowd! And Jesus took them all in, He included them. No one excluded.

To be excluded by your own is among the most devastating a person can experience emotionally. To be rejected and excluded from fellowship. Maybe because he/she said or done something someone disliked and is punished with icing silence and gentle removed and put out side with no explanation or chance of changing, repenting if needed. Left with a big question mark within his/her head wondering, Why am I excluded? What have I done wrong?

I’ve experienced this many times by myself and its truly a torment. It might also serve as a warning example for those included, Behave well or else your excluded!

Jesus was not like this! I am so blessed and thankful He is inclusive, sinners, Pharisees, disciples and others where all welcome to share the table with Him. Jesus doesn’t judge by the outside apparel but He see’s the heart of man.

Let us be inclusive not exclusive! Include the sinner and Pharisee in your prayers and your parties, let them all into your fellowship.