‘I make all things new…’

He makes all things new when we let Him be Lord and Shepherd in our lives. He leads to still waters where our soul will find peace, joy and righteousness. A place close to His heart, close to His perfect love. There He renews and encourages the broken soul. Renewal is something we all need time to time, times of refreshing from the manifest presence of Jesus Himself in our lives.

I remember in the end of the 90s I went to be apart of the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Pensacola, Florida. It was such an amazing week I spend in the presence of the Lord. His love and presence was so strong and real it chock me to the bones, refreshed me for years to come. We need salvation because we can’t save ourselves, we need cleansing from the dust of this world that tries to contaminate our hearts with such an overwhelming power.

Sunday is a time to be touched by His power, His Glory and presence. When lifting Him up He reigns in us, making all things new. Prayer and worship in the freedom of the Spirit of God breathes Gods own presence into our souls, fills us, lifts us and renews us to love and serve Him more than ever.