A step of faith…

Paul writes in Galatians 2:20 ‘I live here by faith in the Son of God’. Faith is based on scripture, God promised to be and to do certain things, we have through God’s grace come to believe in those promises. This faith is not blind and not to be lived out in blindness.

To live and walk by faith means I plan according to bible principle, I take counsel from godly people, I gather my resources to be able to make the step of faith, meaning I count the money and count the cost before I walk out. I might not no where I am going because walking by faith often means I am going toward a place I have never been before.

To live by faith is not to close my eyes to the realities around me, or ignore facts and figures. A faith walk is not a proclamation or a good confession. A faith walk is a move forward based on Gods promises and upon the realities around me. I need to calculate my resources before I move out in faith to see how big the deficit might be. And then work to fill it.

Paul lived by faith not in spontaneity! God gave him a mission and a task and he got to work on it.