Move on…

A common principle in the bible is the moving factor. God moves His people further on. Change is never easy and nearly always straining in some ways. The clearest event in the bible is of course Moses and the people of Israel moving out of Egypt. I guess we all can end up stuck in our tents somewhere on the way to the promised land and there might come a heavenly call to break up and move on.

If you been sitting for a long time, standing up can cause some dizziness when blood start to move around your system, you might loose your balance for a moment but then the blood and your brain connects, oxygen flows and vitality fills your body ready to move on.

Me and my family have moved 24 times since we got married. Kind of a restless life! A majority of of these moves have been within the same city, some of them in a very short period of times jumping from one place to another while looking for a more permanent place to stay.

Each time we settled in new place, Caisa wify, has always created a nice, kind of permanent place for us to as a family to live in. Many times I have felt and said ‘here I am going to live for the rest of my life!’. I think its important in our moving on that we also settle down, even if its only for a short time, we better have the inner position I am going stay here for the rest of my life.

Moving also causes us to go through all the stuff we gathered in storage’s and wardrobes over the years. Wow, amazing how much ‘might get handy someday’ we have in those places. A cleansing takes place! To move on we need this cleansing, we deal wit hall the stuff in our storage’s! Then we pack and move and resettle again!



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