What do you see in the mirror?

“When you were little in your own eyes, were you not head of the tribes of Israel?

1 Sam 15:17
We can call this our pride thermometer! John the baptist proclaimed ‘He must increase and I decrease’! Many times in my life especially in times of success and victory I have noticed when I look in the soulmirror I have grown a little bigger, and if people around me somehow cheer on my victory it seems I grow even a little bit more. I have also noticed a few effects when growing bigger in my own eyes.
1. A problem always seem to come my way and start to fill my soul.
2. It become harder to enter the presence of God in prayer, feels like there is an inner brake of some kind.
3. Certain bible verses start to jump out of the bible.
The devilish effect of being big is a deep feeling of rejection and condemnation for really no reason. Another is the power of sin increases and my ability to resist grows weaker.
Jesus came to set us free, to bless us with life eternal. He came to fill our soul with peace, joy and righteousness.  When pride hits us Jesus is there standing waiting for us to . acknowledge His Glory and Might, and when we do that He forgives and cleanses from all pride.
The result is we become small in our own eyes again! It is the inner measurement of a broken spirit and a humble heart. Not condemnation and rejection or anything like that but a true relation to Him how did everything for us, King of kings and Lord of lords!