Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vkontakte shot down….(updated version 140828)

Today I did it! I decided to close down all my socialmedia accounts so I don’t even know who is seeing this blog actually. Facebook have occupied to much of my time lately. I personally also feel it started to impact my perception of life and reality in a very negative way. When seeing or reading a post from someone I connect, it impacts my relation to that person some how, I feel something, think some thing but that person don’t know about. It is a kind of strange 1,5 way communication. If I haven’t been in contact with that person for say 6 months I also read in the today’s update into my 6 month old encounter with the person, but a million things have happened in his/her life since then. It’s like pouring new and old wine in the same glass, tastes not new nor old, just strange. (bad example, I don’t drink wine)

Another thing I noticed with myself was that I always lived somewhere else, not in the room I am at the moment and with the people I have fellowship with right now.

I want to live here and now, not here and there.

I will write on the blog and can be reached on email mjs@matsjan.com or on cellphone +46732706291 if someone wants to get in contact.

(I will keep my FB account open but only to publish links to this blog on it. I’ve taken away the app from my phone and will very seldom open it on the computer as well. Instagram I’ve also removed from my phone as well as. Vkontakte and twitter are closed down)



En reaktion på ”Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vkontakte shot down….(updated version 140828)

  1. Ты знаешь, сам уже стал заходить редко на эти странички. Занимает много времени и уже смотришь на людей и судишь людей по публикациям других. Лучше молится и делать доброе людям, строить церковь неся Христа людям и помогая им освободиться от ожесточения и принять любовь Отца…. Если бы ты только видел, сколько сейчас ожесточённых людей… И только Иисус может изменить всё это. На него и уповаем.