Rubber tree farmers…

This Sunday we left our hotel in Rayon with a taxi to go to Bangkok and the flight back home to Sweden the Bangkok taxi driver got a little lost on very small roads while he was looking for the main road to Bangkok. We drove for about an hour through the Forrest. Beautiful full of rubber trees everywhere. I sat there in the car looking at the small houses we passed, all the small Buddha temples and thought ‘Who will reach these people for Jesus?’.

Of course nearly all of them have satellite TV. I thought maybe they will accidentally turn on a christian TV program, sit down and listen to the sermon, write a letter to the producer, receive a bible, read it and rightly understand and become a Christian rubber farmer.

I sat there and realized the enormous need of missionaries. When God wanted to save the world he send a person, Jesus Christ. Those people in the rubber tree Forrest really need a missionary, or several missionaries. People who live among them, talk, eat and maybe work with them. I thought ‘We need 10,000 missionaries!’

In Ethiopia Joshuacampaign is involved in church planting project in the unreached territories of Ethiopia. The goal is to plant 100 churches the next 5 years by sending out missionaries to those regions.

Jesus said we should pray for laborers to the harvest because the Harvest is plentiful. My prayer this morning is ‘Lord, speak to young people to forsake all and follow You into the missionfield’.