Going on a Cruise…

Last summer I and my wife celebrated 25 years of marriage and we decided to go on a cruise, and we did. We flew to Marseille and boarded the ship.

BUT before boarding we looked through the program and the destination, were we were heading. The ship had tones of good entertainment, food, fun and even a running track and a climbing wall. Nice workout studio as well as massage. The ship was awesome, Legends of the Sea. Just imagine if the captain of the ship during night time when we were resting and sleeping in our cozy cabins enjoying the nice sea view through the window decided to change destination? So instead of waking up in Barcelona we woke up in Libya or Morocco or some other place. How would we feel? Well, at least to say fooled. Of course some could just shake their shoulders and continue to enjoy the good food on board and the great entertainment, swimming in the outdoor pool as nothing really dangerous had happened. But I guess most of the passengers would feel fooled because without their knowledge or without any further notice the captain changed the destination of the whole ship.

I bought one thing but ended up with another. I have a hard time when things involving my life destination is decided above my head, giving a pretense of one thing but in reality something else is going on.

Of course when spiritual leaders fail us it’s always easy to come up with the cliché ‘We are to follow Jesus and not man’ but clichés and reality does not always match. Hearts are broken, tears are fallin’ and hopes are failing. In such a situation it’s no time to shout slogans about a greater future, or some other empty wordings having no real substance. Jesus is not like that!

It’s not a time of shallow words but time for heart-searching and repentance, a time to let the Lord touch my life and cleanse me from hypocrisy and worldliness. A time to realize people are hurt, people who trusted, people who put their lives on the line, who gave it all suddenly feel as they have lost their lives. Of course there are those who cynically stand by the sidelines mocking and pointing finger, those who have never loved and never lived for a cause, who doesn’t really know what passion is!

I don’t want to end my life as a cynical man, a living dead, I want to live and I want to love and I want to have passion for Jesus and the Great commandment!



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  1. Not fully correct comparison though…ship is heading the same direction! Captain has changed direction and not the ship:-) It clearly spoken about and explained in every possible way. What you call “empty slogans” are actually Words God gave to WOL and not to any particular persons. We all are surprised some more some less but I am sure “the ship” is in God’s secure hands and in trustworthy hands of mature leaders. And, Mats-Jan, you do not know what kind of people here in Russia use your blog here in Russia against us…

    1. I don’t think M-J cares much about who uses his blogposts and how. At least he shouldn’t.

      Any good Christian must speak the truth of his heart and mind, no matter the consequenses. It’s religion. Not politics.

      Someone with a good heart and no followers, can be a much better man than someone with a good mouth and a million believers.