Word of Life second Congress…

I am sitting in my room at the eleventh floor in the Surmeli Hotell located about 15 km from ancient Ephesus. I am participating in the second Word of Life Congress with about 400 delegates from I guess 20 nations. It has been dramatic and very powerful days. For me as a veteran Word of Life missionary having a 20 year perspective of how this has come about am just amazed. Many of the pastors and leaders are people once gotten saved in the early days of our Russian Inland Mission, some of them have huge networks of churches, some work in places that used to be unreached with the gospel, some have lived through persecution and extreme situations.

These are my heroes of faith! My spiritual family where I feel totally at home, we are not perfect, we have done many mistakes, but it’s still my family. I love them!

I have laughed with my life friends from Baku, Azerbaijan. Discussed the documents to be adapted with Norwegian, Swedish, Indian and Russian brothers and sisters. Prayed and worshipped together as well as taking a whole day journey to Hierapolis and Laodicea.

My old time missionary colleague and friend Christian Åkerhielm has been elected the chairman and President of Word of Life International and it’s a joy to see him stepping into that role doing an excellent job together with the other members of the board. This is a definitely a new era in Word of Life missions work. A frame and a form is being formed these days and when Carl-Gustaf Severin was announced as being proposed as a new board member the applauds and noise were overwhelming to hear.

Hope is rising in my spirit of a new wave of world missions, church planting, bibleschools and evangelistic outreaches. The world is getting darker and its time to turn up the light brighter in all the continents of the world.

The best is yet to come and a new generation of missionaries are about to be birthed and released into the earth.


‘Pray the Lord of the Harvest He will send laborers..’