A new season…

I wrote this about a year ago on my old blog matsjan.wordpress.com…It was a Word from God for sure!

‘Just before New Year while on vacation in Florida, USA, one day I took a walk down the beach to speak with the Lord about 2013. I had no deep expectation to get some dramatic revelation from the Lord but quite immediately I heard in my heart ‘A new season’! As I continued to pray and reflect on these words and now in February looking back just a few weeks 2013 really means a new season. I had no idea the Lord would speak to me 18/1 from Gen 31:3 about returning to the ‘Land of my fathers..’ , both me and Caisa where totally focused on staying for a long period in Kharkov but sometimes our ways and the Lords are not the same.

The Lord gave me 4 steps leading us into a new season that I want to share with you

  1. Crisis – Crisis in our personal lives as well as in our family, business or work can make us break us. We either get lost asking the most unfruitful of all questions, ‘Why?’ instead we are to ask ourselves ‘What now Lord?’. A crisis forces us to make changes and open ourselves for God to move in for us new ways.
  2. Brokenness – Crisis breaks something open in our spirits, in our hearts, pride breaks, self-control is lost, I am in a for me uncontrollable situation and only the Lord can save me, it breaks me, forces me down on my knees seeking Him and His will, like Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Brokenness opens my heart for the Spirit of God to lead me to the end of myself, standing on my knees before the Cross of Christ, He who laid down His life for us and died for us also rose from the Dead to lead the way for us into the Presence of the Most High God.
  3. Surrender – I give up and hand my destiny into the hands of the most reliable and loving force in Universe, Almighty God.
  4. New Season – God leads me into a New Season, into a place I haven’t been before. A new level of blessing and glory. A new era has begun in my life!

When He seeks you, when life is getting tough and hard to comprehend, bow before Him Who has all power in heaven and earth because He will never leave you and He will see you through into a new season of blessing.