A historic day…

Today I’ve been glued to the computer screens the whole day. I’ve been following the developments of Ukraine. What a people!! I am amazed at the especially those walking toward the sniper and AK 47 fire at Instituskaya with nothing but shields, some in wood some of metal. One by one people fell by the fire, some killed and some wounded. Others carried them away for medical treatment. Finally they managed to put tires on fire creating smoke shields that made I impossible to aim at people.

Why did this touch me so deeply? I have read some very stupid conspiracy articles about people being paid by the US embassy to rebel and so on. This is nothing but old sovjet propaganda. When you see these people no one will do that for money but only out of a burning desire for freedom. Freedom is something hard to understand for those who never experienced anything else than tyranny and the fear it creates. That fear causes a mentality of self-censorship, an inner captivity where I forbid myself to think and act in a certain way out of fear for repression.

The Orange revolution, I know it wasn’t handed in the best way and some of the leaders fell into the moneytrap and mismanaged the whole thing. But still it created freedom, freedom from fear of repression and that inner freedom is like a deliverance. A release from an inner pressure. This freedom of thought and expression is more valuable than all the money in the world. God created us to be creative, to have a creative mind and spirit and when repression forms our heart and minds we become captives, unable to think freely.

When a man or a society have tasted the sweet taste of inner freedom he/she will be marked forever, will never forget and will not exchange it for nothing less. A free society is not a perfect society but it respects people’s right of freedom of expression, faith and view.

It’s hard to explain this for a person who have never experienced it, because he is a captive in his own worldview of conspiracy and suspicion created by himself to morally survive the oppression he live under and that steals his self esteem.


Ukraine has a new possibility to create a free and open society where people are free to think and express themselves without fear for reprisal. Take the chance Ukraine! For the sake of those who sacrificed themselves and for your children