I am watching with horror pictures from the nation I spend a total of seven years preaching and teaching the gospel. First a year in Mariopol and after that three years in Kharkov and from 2010 until the 2013 we spend another 3 years in the nation and people we have come to love so deeply and dearly. The openness for the gospel, hunger for God and readiness to obey the words of Jesus Christ as written in the bible.

Today my heart is bleeding and crying when I watch youtube and other video clips of dead, beaten to unconsciousness young and old people with no distinction, I feel compelled to appeal to all readers of this blog and social media to spend at least 5 minutes in prayer for protection from further bloodshed and violence.

Dear brothers and sisters please pray for Ukraine today and tonight! The President have proved over and over again to act in diametrical direction from his words so when he announces a truce it means attack on civil, peaceful people desiring only a life with dignity and hope of a bright future. Pray for God to send His mighty angels to protect and guard the people and freedom of Ukraine.

Ukraine, we love you and salute your heroic resistance against tyranny and oppression!! Stand strong the Lord is on your side and He will give you the desires of your heart!