What to live for…

As a young non christian I struggled trying to understand the meaning of life, why I lived this life. Was the pain living higher than the joy experienced why continue to live? One day I was found by Jesus, I never asked Him to show up or to interfere in my life at all. But there He was one day! I could not but believe in Him. He had answered the cry of my heart and filled the void inside. ‘

I was home at last! I had found my origin and with that found my destiny, what to live for….

To know Christ and to make him known one friend of mine once so wisely expressed it over a lunch meal!

I have spend my life finding out more about Jesus, about God. And I have one great passion make Him known in this very dark and confused world. I’ve started in my own backyard going out in the streets proclaiming Jesus, praying for the sick and casting out demons. I then continued around the world and am still on the way. I have a burning desire to reach the unreached, those who have never heard and might walk in the same darkness I myself once walked. Last month I was in the country side of Ethiopia seeing 10s of thousands responding to the call of salvation! That’s where my heart is!

Why should someone hear twice when there is still those who haven’t heard once, a wise man said a long time ago! I refuse to be caught in the trap called church politics, where power hungry people throw dirt at each other trying to prove who is right or wrong while the world is falling into eternal condemnation.

My question is? What are you going to do with the great commandment? Jesus said Go, are you?