From glory to glory…

We all desire growth and fulfillment in life, former success is not as satisfying as the thought of a new one. But it all demand movement! Without movement from the present position to a new position nothing will really change. The glory might be there but its not the new glory, the greater glory.
In Ex 16:10 while Aaron speaks to the israelites they happen to look toward the desert, their new destination, and there in a distance they saw the Glory of the Lord appearing in a cloud.
Jesus went from Galilee to Jerusalem, Paul from Antioch to Asia Minor, Peter from Jerusalem to Rome!
The new level of glory demands movement, prophetic movement! Movement involves pain and getting out of our comfort zone into the unknown. Unknown means out my control, beyond my present experience into a place I have never been before.
This demand faith! Faith is to see into the unseen, hear the unheard to move into a new destination.
Faith always involves loosing control, as older we get the harder it is to loose control and let go to trust God.

Prayer is the place I hear God, see´s God in my innerman. Vision is birthed in prayer. Vision shows the way to the greater Glory!