Christian celebrities….

The society is possessed with interest in celebritities, journals and weeklys are sold in the millions around the globe. How about the christian world? Do we also have a need of celebrities? Or is fame all evil?
I guess another word not as polluted as the word celebrity would be rolemodel. A person representing a way of life based on certain principles and moral values. Someone giving an example in ministry for Jesus.

Hebrews 11 and 12 gives us a lot of rolemodels to look to and learn from. But its quite complicated when a rolemodel is turned into celebrity, today celebrity does not necessary labels people who have performed extraordinary or who has an excellent moral standing in though situations. In the christian world I to often hear ´he/she is anointed´withother words the person has a charisma, a spritual gift. Which is of course admirable! But christians today do they really need more drama and scandals or are we in a great need of holy rolemodels, what the bible call saints. Of course we are saints in a sense but then there are those who stick out due to an outstanding moral dignity.

Christians need fathers and mothers who live and follow a spiritual code, a code of moral behaviour having the roots in the character of God Himself. In my opionion young believers need fathers and mothers, maybe not their own physical parents, but other mature christians who can foster and serve as models, saints, celebrities for young people. We all, young or old, need someone to look up to. Someone who has gone before who by example show its possible to live a godly and holy life. Not with a selfrighteous and judgmental attitude but humbly dependant on the mercy and grace of God.

So my answer is: ´Yes, we need christian rolemodels, celebrities! We need godly examples to help us to see and believe a holy life is possible´!

Who is your rolemodel? Who are you looking up to?