Sometimes I long for places, people living far away but that are close to my heart. Places associated with passion and love, struggle and tears, peace and joy. I have been blessed by living most of my grown up life outside of my native country. In places with a different mindset and culture. Warm and passionate, spontanous and generous, helpful and loving.

Sometimes my heart is hurting, longing, tears are running down my face. Alone among friends, far away from the places pieces of my heart is planted for ever. It´s not easy days but in those moments I know I am alive, I live because I love, I live because I feel, I live becuase I love and remember people and places I´ve seen and known.

There is nothing on this earth touching us as people do. When eyes are looking into yours full of joy, passion and hope, a hope you been instrumental to give to them. God´s loving, warm salvation revealed through the bible you gave, the sermon you preached, the prayer you prayed. O how wonderful it is to be a messanger of faith, love and hope to those sitting in a dark and hopeless place.

I have friends in places I cannot go because of greedy, suspcious politicians who are afraid of the gospel preaching. Making faith politics afraid of loosing the grip of people they do their utmost to hinder the liberating proclamation of the Good news of Him Who died on a cross for the whole human race, Jesus!

But  one day in this life or the life to come we will meet, my friends and I, and we will dance for joy, sing for joy for ever and ever.