The Cross…

Without the cross no christianity. The cross scandalous in the eyesof the world, foolish for the world according to Paul. But God chose to save the world through the cross.
The cross is the foundation, the beginning so to say of our faith, our salvation. Without the cross no salvation, no forgiveness, no eternal life with God. Without the cross condemnation, darkness and hopelessness.
The cross points vertically to God and horizontally to man, Jesus gave us two comandments, love God and love each other. The cross stands as an remembrance of the two commandments Jesus gave His disciples and as a sign that God is God and man is man. God is creator and man creation. Man are not God and God is not a man. Man is not perfect, God is. Man makes mistakes, sins and transgresses, God knows no sin, is altogether perfect.
On mount sinai Moses received the 10 commandments adn was covered with glory, he was transformed to be able to transform Gods people. On mount of transfiguration Jesus was covered with Glory, the disciples fell on their faces. What happened? Jesus was revealed as God, they understood even though He was fully man He was also fully God. And God is not a man! He is God.

This is for modern man a total mystery, an impossible thought. Modern man wants to create his own image of God, control God, mold God, make God fit his own agenda and life. Thats´s not Jehova, that´s an idol!

The humbling reality of God being untouchable and seperated from us people is an unbearable thought for the fallen man, he need a revelation of Gods glory and holiness. The result is the fear of God, a healthy life improving fear, a fear that causes mans consciousness to awake, makes right and wrong a reality and the fact that even I, loved and embraced by God, can actually do wrong. I can fail, I can fall, I can mess up my life, I can displease God, I can make Him angry.
This is the revelation brought to Peter, James and John on the mount of transfiguration, Jesus was revealed to them as God!

This makes repentance such a blessing!

We all need that revelation, God is not a man, He is God and He is Holy.