The greatest blessing…

In Ps 32 the psalmist exhuberently cries out blessed is man who has received the gift of a right standing before God through the forgiveness of sins. He continues by shortly proclaim the way to achieving this gift, confess your sins and your transgressions to the Lord, acknowledge your mistakes and shortcomings. Place your guilt in the hands of the only One able to through a miracle and by the power of His Almight can brush away and remove the burden of and reality of real guilt. When we have transgressed and broken the moral and ethical law of God and our consciousness fills with awareness of this, when we acknowledge, admit our fault He forgives and removes the inner guilt.

Confession is a powerful tool to remove and hand over our guilt into the hands of Him who are strong to forgive and remove it. It´s not a confession to victory but as a convict standing before the moral judge of Universe hearing the accusation brought against me being right and true I confess, I am guilty!

Gods response is to remove the real guilt, forgiveness. For this reason we make God our hiding place instead of hiding from God we run and hide in Him. His answer to our confession is guidance on the way of righteousness. He offer to take us by the hand and lead us through life and its difficulties, instructing and leading, comforting and strenghtning us in our daily walk.

The fragrance of our lives will then be mercy and joy. Not the joy of perfect barbie-like circumstances but joy of God, joy of the gift of righteousness and eternal life.