While reading the bible this morning about Isaac I thought about the word success. What does it really mean in a biblical sense?
In my daily affairs success is something sought by many people around me including myself. I guess most people want to be successful somehow and someway in life.
Success means basically that we succeed in doing what we aim for, to do what we desire to do. It´s different for each person. We define our dreams ourself and we reach for their fulfillment. Success means we are successful in achieving those goals and dreams.
In the bible we find another definition of success due to the faith in God existence and His involvement in human lives. The fact we believe in God brings us into a another position and relation to the word success, to be successful then includes God and His will for us. As believers we seek to do Gods will and to fulfill His destiny for life.
Success is then to see Gods will fulfilled and completed. We then need to find Gods will which irrevocably brings us to the source of knowledge of His will, the bible. The bible is a history book, poetry book, wisdom scripture but maybe most of all it reveals Gods will for us. In all the writings, teachings and recording of historic events God ´hide´revelation of His will and purpose.
I read this morning about Abraham´s death, he died at a good old age, full of years. He fulfilled Gods purpose for his life! That´s true success!

Let us stretch to do Gods will and to see His destiny fulfilled in us and through us, to be successful in the eyes of God.