A hero for God..

The bible is full of Heroes, people who did great things for God. I still remember Dr Lester Sumrall’s sermon with the title:

‘If you wanna be hero for God others may but you can’t’

The message was simply as it sounds, if we want to live and do great things for God we can’t excuse a ourselves living in the flesh with the words ‘But I am no worse than others..’ or ‘He and she did so and so and everything seems to be alright with them’. Such a statements are medicine to live an average, lukewarm Christian life that makes no impression in this world at all. These people live, die and are forgotten. No remaining fruit, no remaining impression made in this world.

I also remember while in the Military
Service (I was doing what is called Alternative Service without weapon) living among a bunch of Christians and for the first time as a Christian meet people from all kinds of churches and backgrounds. Most of them where very nice people and we became good friends but at the same time many of them had grew up in church, I had meet Jesus at 20 years of age being a great sinner, and their attitude toward this world chocked me. Our conversations often touched the theme what was allowed and wasn’t allowed for a Christian. I together with my friend Birger was of the more radical (normal) opinion of trying to stay as far away as possible from this world, no non-Christian music, no dirty movies and absolute no alcohol nor smoking. We often discussed what was allowed and not and I still remember how sad I felt every time after those talks and one day while I was praying in my room I heard the voice of God in my spirit ‘They are trying to live as close as possible to this world without falling out of the Kingdom of God’ and the continuation ‘but their faces are turned from me toward the world and their hearts are not seeking to come closer to me but to the world’ and the voice spoke more in my heart ‘Instead my children should seek to come as close as possible to Me’. This was a lesson in my spiritual life that has helped me many times.

Years later I heard Dr Lester Sumrall preach about ‘Being a Hero for God’ and his example was from the book of Nehemiah. The truth he shared was very simple, if you want to be a Hero for God you can’t make other Christian people’s lifestyle your spiritual lighthouse that guides you through life (of course we shall learn from the examples of faith but that’s another story) but Jesus and His Word has to be our guide to set the standard for us in how to live life God’s way.


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