Hidden God..

There are times and seasons in life when it seems God is hiding, like Saturday after Good Friday or the moment the Egyptian army overtook the Israelites before Moses stretched out his hands and the red sea divided. It’s during those moments when God is at work but it’s hidden from us we are to trust in His word, in His promises. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about that Saturday between Good Friday and resurrection Sunday, how the disciples felt, what they thought, how they talked with each other, what went on in their hearts. These men had put everything on the line, left everything of value behind to follow the man from Galilee. Now He was dead and their souls must have been echoing with emptiness, anxiety and fear for the future. Hiding away because the Man they put all their trust and hope in was dead, gone, laid in a grave.

It was over!

But just because the disciples didn’t see God at work didn’t mean He wasn’t at work, He was. How could they find out what God was doing? By remembering what He said to them! God always speaks to His prophets, to His people about what He is about to do before He goes into action – ‘Shall I hide from Abraham what I am doing..‘ – So when God is working in the hidden how can we find out what He is doing?

We open the Book of all Books and allow the Holy Spirit to open our spiritual eyes and we’ll see God at work – ‘Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those who love Him..’ – And faith fills our souls, faith spells TRUST, I can then trust and be at peace that Almighty God has everything under control even if I don’t.

What then? Let thanksgiving pass through your lips and thank God for what He is doing in the hidden.



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  1. Мне кажется, что всегда, время от времени бывают периоды в нашей жизни и служении, когда мы не видим знамений, растеряны и много вопросов. Тогда, нам нужно положиться на Его обещания и успокоиться. Бог не даст нам сверх наших сил. Он любит и заботится о Своих детях. Это также хорошее время, чтобы наши отношения с Иисусом стали более глубокими, потому что впереди много битв и много побед!