Nothing special…

Today is one of those ‘nothing special days’ in my life. I am little bit sick, not much, but enough to stay at home not to contaminate others with this flu. Sitting at home trying to get something creative done but it just doesn’t work. The weather is a little grey, I feel grey and bored. I came to think about Jesus, He most have had those days as well. Hebrews says He was tempted in all things yet without sin, so He must have had some boring days.

This Wednesday is such a day for me!

Paul must have been bored sitting on some rocking boat travel across the Mediterranean Sea, which got be boring. Still believing, still praying, still serving God even if it is a boring day.

I remember reading an article a few years ago written by a child psychologist in Sweden that had specialized on burnout among kids. She stated that kids need boredom regularly to regain their strength and energy. If we always live on the top we could get energy drainage and risk being burned out. This day is a day when I regain energy and inspiration, a day when the Lord works in the hidden, I cannot see it nor sense it but surely He is in control even when I ma bored.

Sometimes when I read social media outlets I can get the feeling that everyone is on the top all the time. Well if the top become the normative then it also gets boring. Life is not about having only fun but about fulfilling the destiny God has planned for me!!


Now I take a little walk with my 8 year old son to a soccer shop nearby, then back home again.



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