Minus 1 Kg = Plus 100 Euro

A couple of days ago a good friend challenged me with the above statement. Mats-Jan, for each kilo you lose until Christmas I will give you 1000 Skr (~100 Euro)! I took the challenge like a hungry fish, and shouted ‘Yes, let’s do it’!

So yesterday Sunday I weight in like a boxer before a title fight, I am ready to go below the magic level of three digits, under a 100 kg! It was so long time ago so I can’t even remember but it must have been last century sometime. My start weight was 105 kg and I started today, Monday 22/8 with a slow diet without sugar and carbos’. My guess is that I’ll reach below the magic line in about 3 or 4 weeks. O’ how I long to fit in those nice slim shirts and again go to size 54/56 (56 due to my solid shouldersJ)

What I will do with the money? Well I guess it will be the beginning of a new wardrobe with nice suits and well-polished shoes. I really like challenges like this, it gets me going, it’s like when some repressive government takes u to court for preaching the gospel accusing you of antigovernment activities…

I will start to blog regularly again after my wonderful vacation and I hope it will be a blessing for many people, we do have some surprises coming during the fall, some nice media outlets to challenge your faith and your walk with Jesus.


See u soon!



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