Well now I’ve been on vacation for little more than a week and I am enjoying my family, 3 nice boys and a princess. After being alone for nearly 3 weeks meeting my wife and kids is so wonderful. I realize that sometimes I don’t miss people until I’ve been away from them for a while. During these weeks I had lots of time to think about family and what it means to me. It means a lot and it has come to mean more and more year by year actually. It’s safe around my family; they know my faults and weakness and still love and respect me (I hope!) just as I do with them.

My oldest son, probably he is reading this blog, always comments on my dreadful English (and Swedish) grammar, it’s awful according to him and I believe him. It’s a result of totally neglecting Swedish and English lessons in school for years. I really disliked Swedish in school, actually I cheated my way through both 5th and 6th grade by sitting in the back of the classroom, putting the study book on the floor with the page of the test open and I just copied it, I thought it was brilliant! But today I am suffering because I would like to write more than I do but my grammar is just so ugly and my motivation to learn grammar is just as low as it was back in 5th and 6th grade.

It’s hard to have someone correcting the text as well because the personal touch easily disappear, writing should be like Bob Dylan singing, sometimes out of tone but with a very personal feeling, but there is still some basics that needs to be right. So here I am with a desire to write, to share experiences and thoughts that might bless people but missing the gramatical capability needed, so what to do? I’ll write anyway:)

It’s raining today and the sky is grey and Swedish. Actually it’s pouring down right now, but we are in a nice and cozy hotel room on the way out for lunch

God Bless