Matt 1:6…

‘David the king begot Solomon by her who had been the wife of Uriah’ Matt 1:6 is a short verse in the beginning of the new testament that is an amazing introduction to the just that, the New Covenant! David failed and fell, Bat-Sheba got pregnant. David added conspiratory murder to his track record of adultery and deception of Uriah. And still he wasn’t disqualified to be in the blood line of the Savior!

I don’t think the NT could start with a more significant verse, such a statement of Gods sovereign mercy and grace. David messed up his life and Bat-Sheba’s, she got pregnant and the child died. But it wasn’t over until it was over! Nathan the prophet send by God to David and David received the word of the Prophet and repented and God gave him a second chance! Don’t give up because it’s not over until it’s over! Even if you messed up things in your life and it seems like everything is brought to nothing, remember God created the world out of nothing, He spoke and it was. He can restore your life, your family, your economy; He is able to make radical miracles in your life.

God is a God of a second chance, after every night comes a new day full of light, after every week starts a new week, after each month comes a new month and after each year comes a new year. The thing we lose is our time but when we repent God forgives, God restores and heals, that’s His business, Salvation! O how we need salvation every day, every hour I need help from God to live that life of joy, peace and righteousness He intended for me. How can I do it? Through Jesus Christ and by the intimate relation with the Holy Spirit.

This summer when we have vacation walking about maybe not doing so much don’t forget the Savior, worship without guilt, love Him with words inexpressible, allow Him to refresh you spirit, soul and body. Personally I have decided to live the summer in Romans 5-8, following late Sten Nilsson’s advice to always have a finger in those chapters of Romans.


God bless, enjoy the summer, enjoy good friends, enjoy Jesus!