Lately I’ve thought and prayed about the place of bible-study in our lives as believers. I remembered when I just got saved how important basic bible-study was for me, every time, either listening or reading a bible-study it answered many of my questions I had as a new believer in Christ. I’ve been having a morning bible-study a couple of times with a small group of young believers in our church, we’ve been talking about the inspiration of the bible, how we got our bible and how to rightly read and understand it. I do feel we’ve hit something important, like a nerve in church life, not just to have emotional experiences but really turn to the bible, it’s so easy all our gatherings and the preaching and teaching become inspirational instead of grounding us in the truth by going step by step, precept by precept through the Holy scriptures.
After the summer in the fall I think we are to continue with these basic studies to help especially young, bible hungry believers to get deeper into the word of God.
There is power to transform our lives in the word of God, it’s easy to start to talk about the word instead of getting into the word!
So on Sundays, after the ordinary sunday service we are going to start biblestudies, real biblestudies that takes us into the Word of God, so if you are in Kharkov, you’re teenager or young adult and want to join us please please mail to and sign up. What is needed? A bible, paper and a pen a deep hunger to get to know the bible better.


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