Long time no see (or hear…maybe read)..

Well, I have been away from blogging for quite a while, just lost the inspiration actually. I am an inspirational person; I need inspiration to find motivation. To know ourselves and how we click is not that easy to find out but year after year when studying myself in the back mirror I’ve learn a few things about myself like:

  1. I need my own office at home to close the door and just think, pray and wait for the Lord
  2. I love having my family around me, the kids with their friends playing, my wife to talk to
  3. Good coffee
  4. I don’t like to talk serious issues over the phone or Skype or chatting, I like looking into people’s eyes when talking to them
  5. I need a good night’s sleep, like 7-8 hours, then I am up and running.
  6. I hate being interrupted when I am thinking about some important thing, want to think until I’ve found a solution on the problem
  7. I love abstract problematizing. To twist and turn a situation from different angles finding an unconventional solution, simple and clean.

Right now I am missing my family lots, they have been in Sweden for a couple of weeks and time is standing still, I had to do something and that became this blogJ

Joy is something very essential for life, without joy life becomes kind of empty and dry. I like humor; good Ukrainian jokes are a spice in life really. The bible says ‘the joy of the Lord is our strength’ and to find joy is finding life and motivation. Joy is like a pieces of domino bricks put on the short side one after the other, when the last brick falls and pushes the next is starts a chain reaction, happy people are like that, atmosphere changers. They have the ability to impact their surroundings in a very positive way.

Well, enjoy the summer, swim and have fun! Talk to you later