Creative impressions…

spending an evening at Kharkov Opera house, by the way an amazing construction well worth a visit especially if interested in architecture, with family. It’s balet time and we are watching Giselle but I don’t know the story but allowing myself to listen to the music, watching the beautiful dancing my mind is starting to create my own story, creativity flows, ideas, emotions, sadness when Giselle seems to die in the end of act 1, I am again reminded of the amazing importance of allowing creativity to fill the soul, I found myself leaning back relaxing and enjoying the experience.
In the church we need to reconquer creativity and allow those gifts to communicate the gospel as well.
Looking forward to the future in our church when the godgiven gifts will be more and more released and when we empower people we will reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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  1. Полностью согласен! В церкви должно быть много места для творчества! В людях, которые уже в церкви заложен потенциал – творить. Им нужно помочь освободиться от страха и у них все получится, и через это любовь Божья прикаснется к многим людям.