I’ve been thinking about emotions the last time. Emotions are something very precious in life, feelings makes us passionate, engaged, involved – emotions activate us, causes us to do something about situations. Sitting on a train (again!!!) listening on an album with one of my absolute favorite musician (or poet), Bob Dylan. Actually I am really been listening on the texts of songs like ‘Hurricane’, ‘Tangled up in blue’ and so on. Bob Dylan is a man with engagement, with emotion, deep emotion. He’s underlying anger over injustices and problems in his society, USA, shines through and gives this inner move of feeling, hope and hopelessness over not being able to change suffering people’s situation and I am closing my eyes, feeling, thinking about the situation in the world, people suffering, pain and injustices.

These feelings rise on the inside and give me strength and motivation to carry on preaching and bringing Jesus to a lost and dying world. I was listening much to Bob Dylan before I met with Jesus, back in the 80’s today I think I found in his music and poetry a twinsoul searching for meaning and purpose of life. I can’t speak for Dylan, but I know I found meaning in my life when Jesus invited himself into my life. He became the very purpose of my life. I then stopped listening to Dylan because I found peace and meaning I guess and had no great need of his poetry at the time. When I am listening today it’s with another perspective, as a minister and Christian looking into the world, Dylan’s music expresses, reminds me of the emptiness of life in this world without Jesus.

And again I filled with emotion, but now compassion for people in the world. I am thinking about the short gospel, ‘God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life’.

We need emotion, inspiration for good deeds, emotions that lifts our souls into the presence of God! Emotions can be negative or positive but they are always a sign from the Creator we are alive and live!