Seasons in life…

Just boarding my train travelling from Eskilstuna towards Västerås on my journey from Kharkov, Ukraine, to visit my mom and brother. A girl sits down on the other side of the wagon and while the train is slowly rolling out from the platform her boyfriend is writing hearts on the window and she does the same to him, and he is standing waving her good bye as long as he is seen. Obviously a young couple in love and now they are saying good bye for the week, she is travelling back home or to her city of studies and he is left alone in his hometown.

Of course my mind is drawn back to the time when I and Caisa was dating many years ago, we were passionately in love, this first love that is so important to allow to grow, develop and establish a lifelong companionship as it should be between husband and wife. I close my eyes and remembered myself standing on the platform waving good bye to Caisa, my heart was passionate, I missed her already after 30 seconds. I got on the bus back home just to call her and talk with her so long my mom got a tremendous phone bill at the end of the month, but I didn’t care, I was in love.

It was a season in life, this first love grew into deep love, admiration and friendship that lasts until this day. Yesterday I left Kharkov for Sweden, I didn’t want to leave, I had just come back from a week away from Caisa and the kids teaching bible school in Donetsk, I wanted to stay in Kharkov this time. I wanted to hug her, feel her soft skin, smell her neck and just talk to her for some hours. I am still deeply in love with my wife. I can look at her beautiful eyes and watch her do the shores at home, writing an email, reading a book and my heart is moved with love and passion for her.

The other day we visited some friends and coworkers and we talked about some things concerning in the church and I said that we, all the same age between 40-47, are in a period of production. It’s an age when you are so focused on doing, producing. It’s a season in life I guess, when I was 17-20 I was dreaming, ideological dreams, dreaming about changing the world to the better, later I got this enormous hunger to understand life and different principals, how to raise my kids, how to succeed in ministry and life and so on.

Life contains of different seasons and we can help each other to go through those periods by sharing our experiences with each other I believe.