It’s in the air…

For the last week or so I been so filled with expectation, my heart is bouncing with some sort of indefinable feeling that something is in the air, God is about to do something special and I can’t figure out what it is. (Not so strangeJ)

But it’s an expectation of great change and a visitation of God in an unusual way here in Ukraine. People are so open and the needs are greater than ever. People are drawn to the church, especially the Orthodox Church. It’s like a surge of meaning in this life, why are we here and why is life so unfair and many times painful? God where are you in all this? Can we get in contact with the Creator? In a way it feels like the children of Israel crying out under the burden of Pharaoh!

My heart is filled with both expectation and at the same time with compassion for people around me. I walk around town looking at the young people, what is their hope in life? I asked a young girl a few weeks ago, ‘What is your life dream?’ She looked upon me with surprised and empty, sad eyes and said ‘What do you mean? She responded. I said do you have a life dream of achieving something, doing something I continued, she answered ‘Well, I want my own flat’ and continued after a pause, ‘and if possible my own car’. Is that it I asked her? No more of substance, morally or just dreaming about something crazy you would like to do!! She just stared at me as if I was from another planet.

I have been carrying this with me for some time now and my prayer is rising to the One Who is the very purpose of our existence, God can you reveal yourself to these people, give us grace and power to proclaim the gospel with power, excellence and honor so this post-sovjet generation is not getting lost in materialism and promiscuous living.

Lord have mercy and pour out your Spirit upon us so we can be your light in a dark world