Simferopol and Crimea..

I am sitting at home building web page for the church as well as preparing for the two day conference in Simferopol, Crimea. Me and my three kids are leaving Kharkov tonight by night express train to Simferopol. We are to arrive 7 in the morning and we are looking forward to two intensive days in Crimea. I pray and believe we are going to have an awesome time down there. Last conference we had was in Kharkov and the Holy Spirit moved so strongly in many ways and my prayer is that we will see our Heavenly Father move in Simferopol as well.

Personally I sense a new release of prophetic anointing that I haven’t felt for many years, it’s like it been dormant, waiting under the surface and now is about to be released with a new level of strength and power. We do need the prophetic manifestation in our lives personally as well as in the Church. 1 Cor 12 speaks about the gifts of the Spirit being the manifestation of the Spirit. I pray we will move into a new time of divine manifestation of healing and deliverance. The world is so full of sin and filth so we all need help to live and remain clean and well pleasing to God, it’s not easy, actually impossible without the Holy Spirit. But if we allow the Holy Spirit to move, we give place for Him in our busy lives and well planned services I do believe we can move into a new period of visitation of God.

When the Spirit moves He first moves our hearts toward our Heavenly Father, repentance, cleansing and brokenness of spirit is a deep work of God which no man can achieve in his own strength and power.

Please pray for these days on Simferopol, I’ll try to post some on the blog to keep you up to date, Pastor Leonid Padun will minister as well these days.