My wife…

I am at the moment visiting a nation in Asia and while here I been thinking about my life, my family and quite a lot about my wife. Caisa, or Anna-Caisa, and I have been married since 1988 and we’ve spent most of our married life on the mission field serving the Lord together for soon 20 years, we’ve spend 5 years in Sweden on an involuntary furlough due to sudden suspension out of Azerbaijan in 2005.

We have 4 wonderful children together, 3 sons and one daughter, and at this moment we are living in Kharkov, Ukraine serving as Seniorpastors in Word of Life Kharkov, a church we started back in 1993 after a evangelistic campaign with one of our dearest friends, Carl-Gustaf Severin. As a result of this campaign me and Caisa with 2 small sons, the youngest born in the Ukraine in February 1993.

My wife, Caisa, has been an outstanding lifepartner and missionspartner all these years. Through the years I have been given much credit and attention for the mission work we’ve had the privilege to fulfill but without Caisa I would not even been close to achieving what been achieved. She’s not just been a mother and wife but also a very skilled partner in ministry. She is extremely intelligent, finished primary school with 5.0, highest possible, Swedish Gymnasium Natural science (the toughest gymnasium education in Sweden with 4.8 of 5 maximum.) After that she made it to medical university in Umeå Sweden where she studied when we got married. She was one of the top three students in her course (she would never admit this if you asked her but I remember she came home crying when she one time had less than 90% on an examination)

In 1992 she left the studies due to my call to go to the missionsfield. One day I came home and she was at home not at the university and I was surprised asking her why she was at home, the answer I got puzzled me, she asked ‘Am I a help to you?’. Well of course she was so I asked her what she meant and got the answer she quit the studies to help me in the missions endeavors God called me to, the call then became ours.

We headed for the Ukraine first and later Azerbaijan. All the years Caisa has been my closest partner in ministry, we’ve been doing a lot of things together. She got the economy straight in the churches we pastored, she counseled people, cooked our food, led worship, worked at the American embassy when we needed money, she started a Christian school with some other missionaries in Azerbaijan, she did homework with our kids, raised our kids, kept track on our private finances all these years, paid our Swedish bills and so on and on.

Simply without her there would not have been any missions work! We are working as a team together, she understands me and I understand her. After 5 years in Sweden working and serving in different things we are now back in pastoral ministry serving together again and I am so thankful to the great love of my life, what would I do without you?

Caisa if you read this, let me tell you that I love you, appreciate you, admire you…….you are the most amazing women in the world!


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  1. Мужество – это не только мужское качество, но и женское. Такие статьи вдохновляют!

    1. Mats Jan,

      Having been leaving with the family, I cannot agree more. She is an extraordinaire wife and person.

      Caisa if I did not tell you that, I say it now. I really admire you and it has been a great blessing to stay with the family during my bible school year.

      Mats Jan, I have never heard or seen someone who teach the way you do. Your words go right into people mind and heart and lead them to do something.

      God continue to bless the all family and hope to see you in Sweden or elsewhere.