Well, a week has passed since our annual faith conference at Word of Life Kharkov. I must say the conference took me by surprise, the worship, dance group, singers and everyone involved in preparing, serving during and also finishing off all the practical stuff when the last song had been sung was an amazing performance of so many wonderful people in our church.

Pastor Leonid Padun’s meetings were so saturated with the presence of the Lord a fresh word from God that I think will mean a lot for us as a church. Viktor Rudoy’s meeting about the inner life and staying close to the Lord was very powerful and Saturday night when Pastor Remi Höidahl finally made his way to Kharkov through snow and a change route was an amazing meeting. The youth style of worship and KVN, dancing prepared the platform for Remi to minister a powerful word to the church, prophetic and an heavy anointing of the Holy Spirit were Remi delivered some important prophetic words to our church. (I’ll write more about this in another post later)

Now we are lifting our eyes and are looking forward believing the Lord will lead us into the future. This coming Sunday 20/2 we will celebrate daddies and we will start a theme about the family that will last until the end of March. I do think we have to get a refreshed dream about the Christian family, that a Christian home can be, and God wants it to be, an oasis of love, peace and presence of God. The family was created by God to be fruitful, to multiply and to fill the earth. The family is to be and operation Base for God on the earth, husband and wife, together with the children has an enormous potential to serve the Lord and to fill the earth with Gods glory.

A healthy family, full of love, joy and respect for each other is one of the most powerful testimonies the world can see, Jesus said: ‘When the world see you love each other they will believe in me!’ and of course in a society with divorce rates up to 70 % a united strong family is an amazing testimonies.

This Sunday we will start to talk about God purpose for the family, why did God create the family and from there we will move further down the road for at least a month.