Christmas celebration Word of Life Kharkov

After spending some time in Sweden during the winter holidays with family and friends we are finally back in Kharkov again. We came right back to the Christmas celebration 7th of January and we had a great celebration in the church. We had a program running for nearly an hour including dancing, singing and some scenes performed by the Kidz Church. I was so impressed by the level of professionalism, from singing dancing to sound arrangements; there is only one word in Russian, MALADSI!!

I want to express my great gratitude to all participants, everyone making it such a wonderful festivity, a true celebration of the only One we worship and love with all our hearts, Jesus Christ.

It is such a privilege to pastor such a wonderful church, after about 4 months as pastor in Word of Life Kharkov I have come to love and appreciate all the wonderful people making the church truly a blessing for me personally but for my whole family.

I do believe the best is yet to come, we have an exciting program coming during the spring beginning 23/1 when missionary pioneer (and my very good friend) Christian Åkerhielm will be visiting us in Kharkov. Christian has been involved in missions for nearly 25 years, lived in Siberia in the beginning of the 90s, he and his wife pioneered Word of Life Moscow in the mid 90s and totally they spend 7 years in Russia and Kazakhstan. Christian is a preacher and missions man with great spiritual dignity carrying a powerful anointing for breakthrough and establishing the kingdom of God. He is now missions Director and Associate Pastor at Word of Life Uppsala.

Christian will be ministering 23/1 11:00 at Muscalnaja Komedia in Kharkov. We will also have a pastors and leaders meeting 14:30 where Pastor Christian will be speaking as well.