2011 – A year of prayer

Happy New Year 2011!

For a few days I’ve been pondering and prayed about the coming year, for myself and the spiritual formation process during next year, what is it the Lord expects from me next year? What does He have in store for me and for my family? What is going to happen in the world 2011? And in the church?

Personally I feel that 2011 will be a year to seek God and live a life in prayer as never before. The Lord wants to make His voice heard in my life, to lead and guide into the future. I sense an urgency from God to get down on my knees and remain there until I get the answers, the wisdom I need in different situations.

My hunger for Gods glory is arising in my heart, to see Him as He really is, see His majesty and power being revealed in the nations of the world.

Prayer easily become an area of bad conscience instead of a well or source of power and strength in Christ.

Let us make 2011 a year of prayer, urgent, fiery hungry, passionate prayer to Our God Who answers prayers



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  1. Вау, Вау, Вау! Что же происходит! Подобное чувство наполняет сегодня многие сердца, и мое тоже!