Christmas Eve…

So finally it’s here, Christmas Eve, the day we as a family gather in the morning to read the Christmas gospel (as we call it in Sweden) from Luke 2 about the birth of Christ. The 7year old is bringing the bible so eager to get the procedure to start…and end so we can open the first presents, according to family tradition, one for each person in the family (and girlfriend who are with us this year for the first time).

Christmas today is so much about food, presents and for some alcohol. This morning I thought about my childhood Christmases from early age a bright memory to be clouded during my teenage by too much alcohol, arguments and fights.

The first Christmas family, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus celebrated Jesus birth in a stable (or cave), not that glorious actually. Wonder how Mary felt after giving birth to a child and receiving guests at the same time? Wise men from the east and shepherds from the fields outside of Bethlehem came and visited them in the stable, not that glorious, but true heavenly visitation to the earth.

My 7year old has great expectation on Christmas and ours should be as well. This day we celebrate the birth of our savior, our king and deliverer, Hope in Him never disappoints!