Christmas twice…

This year due to been Swedish living in the Ukraine we have the privilege of celebrating Christmas twice, first 24-26/12 in Sweden and then the 7/1 back in the Ukraine we celebrate a second time. I am pondering Christmas this morning and am amazed at the angelic activity around the birth of Christ.

Angels are often forgotten by us believers or made very spectacular. Angels in the bible are messengers, protectors and worshipers among many other things. I do remember seeing in a vision once 4 gigantic angels coming out of heaven sitting on each corner of the train I was riding down in Caucasus back in -93, going from Rostov to Tbilisi through Chechnya, and we got through without being kidnapped or robbed, a miracle in itself.

Angels were active in the birth of Christ as well, Gabriel the mighty, was send to Mary the Virgin, Joseph saw an angelic dream by night, Zacharias meet an angel close to the altar, the shepherds saw an angelic choir and the wise men saw an angelic sign in the sky. So Christmas is a time when Heaven is active, and when we celebrate let us not forget that angels are active to protect, encourage and comfort in the midst of maybe a troublesome time as Christmas can be for many people.

Let us pray that this Christmas may be a blessed Christmas even for those unfortunate not to have a family or friends to celebrate with or where parents are drunk and violence may hang around the corner.

Lord send your angels to protect, encourage and comfort



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