One of those days….

Woke up this morning to early and immediately felt this dark cloud hovering over my head, heaviness! Don’t like it at all, like joy and peace of mind. What to do? Well after driving the kids off to school, fill the car with some gas and back home in the minus 24 degrees wonderful weather, I finally got down on my knees, and there He was, the man from Galilee, the one who calm the sea and walked on water, He who spoke a word and the servant got healed, He who lived not for Himself but came to set the prisoner free, He who died not for himself but for a sinful world, the one we are to celebrate in a few days during the feast we call Christmas, Christ has been born as the angels declared, Ooo I feel the heaviness is gone, the cloud scattered and I enjoy joy and peace of mind.

How amazing it is with prayer and the Word of God, everything on the inside changes and falls into its rightful place when Jesus is sitting on the throne of the heart.

Let us celebrate Him this Christmas because he is worthy of praise and celebration



2 reaktioner på ”One of those days….

  1. Your story is so touching for everybody who loves Him! Unfortunately I don’t always able to find His perfect peace in my heart when I want, but it’s because of my little practice… But nevertheless let our wonderful God be blessed forever!!!