Afghan traveler at Cafe Bamyan…

A few years ago while traveling through Afghanistan we came to a cafe out in the middle of nowhere in central Afghanistan and this man, a traveler was sitting by the wall taking a rest, I caught him on this picture.
I am wondering today where he might be? Has he heard the gospel yet? Or is he still unreached? I couldn’t share Jesus with him because of language barrier and security.
I pray someone has been able to breach that barrier and shared the precious gift of salvation with him.
There are about 1,6 billion people on the planet unreached just like this traveler.
Let’s join our forces and go to teh unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ


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  1. Мы нуждаемся в большем излиянии сострадания Иисуса, в наши сердца. И мы пойдем в другие народы.