I want to write something but can’t get my thoughts together and nail it on paper (digital paper), I think I read somewhere that it’s called blog drought! Well, Lord let it rain in my mind again, words of inspiration!

The problem is that I am totally caught by a book I have had in my shelf for a long time but never got to read until now, ‘Pour your heart into it’ Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks writes the story of Starbucks, it is a book I highly recommend for everyone building a company, organization or church, very inspiring indeed.

Title of some chapters ‘A strong legacy makes you sustainable for the future’ and ‘If it captures your imagination, it will captivate others’ and ‘Don’t be threatened by people smarter than you’

An amazing story indeed, so much passion and love and care for the people working at Starbucks. Schultz make this very strong statements, ‘People builds a successful company, therefore you must invest in competent people’



3 reaktioner på ”Drought….

  1. To bad that christan management have become à part of the churches today. Rhema and Word of life beeing à part of that movement. Instead of approaching God u try to find principles and keys to success, wealth and happiness. Its tradik indeed.

  2. Strange conclusions indeed! Where came Rhema and Word of Life into the picture, I just read a book and it’s nothing about management at all in it. Before u write please think!
    U’re seeing ghosts in broad daylight!