We are born to trust, first to trust our mother, then our father, our siblings and further our neighbors and friends. While growing into full grown people trust is one of the most important and significant characteristics we need as humans to function in life. Levi Pethrus, a Pentecostal pioneer in Sweden said ‘I am rather fooled a few times than poisoning my surroundings with suspicion’.

There are many opportunities in life to get disappointed and bitter with the inevitably result of being filled with mistrust or distrust to people around me. The more I am full of suspicion the more ‘evidence’ I demand to be able to trust someone. Early in my walk with the Lord and as a minister I learned that suspicion is a deep pit I could fall into and when in it, it’s hard to find the way out of it. I then read this statement by Pastor Pethrus and decided to follow his very wise advice and when I look in the mirror of my life I am so thankful for those words, I’ve been fooled many times, loosed both money and dignity but due to the decision to still trust people I haven’t lost the blessing of God and my faith in people.

How can we serve people if we mistrust them at the same time? How can we love the one we suspect of wrong intentions? I don’t think it’s possible actually. To believe in God and to follow Jesus demand risk taking in this regard, the risk they will fail your trust, do some thing wrong or even misuse you in some regard but it’s worth the risk. Because a life with a heart full of suspicion is not a good and blessed life, it’s like being living dead!

Decide to trust people, decide to be like Jesus, in the long run you will get your rewards, rewards of true friends, true nearness of God and the blessing of the Holy Spirit



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  1. Без доверия никуда не прийдешь, а если куда и попадешь то, в полном одиночестве. Доверять – это характер нашего Искупителя!

  2. Здорово, глубоко и проникновенно сказано! Спасибо Матс-Ян! Прочитал на одном дыхании! Ты точно следуешь этому совету, я свидетель))!

  3. I think you should trust God and also trust that u have the opportunity to listening to the holy spirit. Then you won’t need evidence you can feel in your heart. That’s the problem, Christian people don’t learn this skill because usually the gospel in a mordern western church is one way. We believe the minister to hear from God, we don’t believe we can hear from God.