Good byes…

Just waved my oldest son off to the airport in Kharkov, kept my face but I still have such a hard time saying good bye. I remember the last day at school as a kid I always came running home crying and my Mum asked me why I cried, and I answered ‘This school year is over and will never come back again’

This irrevocable Good bye, this will never happen again still fills my heart with a sad feeling hard to express. It’s not that life doesn’t continue, it does, it’s not that we’ll never meet again, we’ll do. But I guess it’s the feeling the end is coming nearer, the time we all have to make an account for our lives entering in to eternity. I guess it’s my old flesh nature that feels this nostalgic, sad feeling because truly I am looking forward to the day I will meet my Saviour, Jesus, the One I love, the One Who loves me, the One Who gave His life to pay for my sins so I don’t have to pay myself.

So after some contemplation I get myself together and continue to prepare the message today, we have a covenant with God, a blood covenant, eternally established through the blood of Jesus, what a blessed assurance we do have in Him.



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  1. Реальная жизнь, реальные отношения и реальная вечность с Иисусом! Я вижи в этом полноту Божью.