Going for a walk..

Woke up 6:30 this morning and went for a walk through the city center of Kharkov. It has become a pretty nice city actually and they are working on it as well. Passed by the Hotel Kharkov where we stayed the first time we visited Kharkov back in 1993, I remembered it well because the lady behind in the reception demanded we paid ‘foreigners’ price which was of course five times the ordinary price. After many and long negotiations we finally got the ordinary price.

The reason we came that time was because we had an evangelistic rally to be held at Metalist Football stadium, which we had and what also became the foundation for the Word of Life church here today.

Going for a walk with Jesus is something we have to do every day actually, life is full of surprises and unpredictable events and to be able to keep our faith, which isn’t that easy all the time, we turn, and tune, our hearts to listen and follow Jesus. Walk with the Lord we do by reading His Holy Word daily, slowly and with afterthought allowing the Spirit to enlighten every word and sentence in it. Walk with the Lord we do in prayer, talking and worshipping Him, listen to our inner man attentively daily.

This renders His salvation to be continues in our lives and we surely need that!



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  1. Так здорово, когда это становится стилем жизни и даже необходимостью, и даже больше – потребностью.