House of the Lord…

I was glad when they said to me,

“Let us go into the house of the Lord.”

Ps 122:1

David wrote a long time ago inspired by the Holy Spirit these words, expressing the joy it is to enter the house of the Lord. How do we understand this today? Well, similar as David did! There was no Temple built yet when David wrote this but he says in verse two, ‘Our feet have been standing..’ Peter writes in his epistles that we are the temple of God, a Holy temple, a dwelling place for God.

There is something special when we as believers come together, when our feet are standing beside one another, when we lift our voices in praise and prayer together toward heaven we move into a dimension of the Presence of God we can’t experience alone, we are members of one another the Bible declares. According to NT we are not to withdraw from the assembling together as believers but to come together and worship. It builds the throne of God in the Spirit; He manifests His Glory and presence among us not just within us, but among us. It’s awesome! It’s in this atmosphere healing takes place easier, our hearts being encouraged and our faith in Jesus is built up.

After the service we had yesterday one man told me he got healed after a word of knowledge concerning his spine, praise the Lord! Jesus is in our midst, let’s continue to come together with expectation and longing to see His glory and power manifest among us more and more, we surely need that for such a time as this.



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  1. Слава Иисусу! Он продолжает присутствовать в Своем храме и творить чудеса.