Plan life or life will plan for you!

My life with planning the future ministry personally and together with the church continues. Event planning also includes financial planning, the gospel is for free but there are some costs in connection with preaching it.

I like planning, it’s the way of administrate your dreams and visions. Dreams not planned have a tendency of never materializing themselves. A friend of mine asked me many years ago when I would go to Israel the first time, and I answered ‘When the Lord gives me the money!’ Her answer was; ‘then you’ll probably never go’.

Dream, plan, save and go was the recipe that took me to Israel that time and that taught me a lesson for life, to realize our dreams we must go to work by planning and acting accordingly. Jesus said ‘If a man wants to build a tower he must first count the cost then start building’. Often we first go into action then realize we don’t have the means and start to find ways to realize what we unplanned started. A good plan includes finances, money doesn’t fall out of the sky, they are a result of the work of our hands, many times hard work, sweaty work but work. It’s the basic principle of provision, work! In this world we are often offered a thousand different ways of earning money fast, most of those ways are not good ways and doesn’t really add value to our lives nor to the society we live in. God wants our work to add value to ourselves, our families and friends but also to our society. A working people are a prospering people!

When we give our tithe and offering, 99 out 100 times the answer comes in the opportunity of work, a suggestion from a neighbor, friend to fix something, to do some service for them that ends in some payment, this is work. In the church I do believe we should have no one without a work or regular income, I pray and believe God will provide everyone with work and that way income, because He promised to meet all our needs. Of course some people have a God given gift to earn money, run a business, give to the spreading of the gospel. But most of will wake up in the morning, read our bible, pray and go to work to earn our living and provide for our families, this is a blessed and joyful life according to Ecclesiastics.



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